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What are the black streaks on my roof and how do I remove them?

We’ve all seen those black streaks on shingle roofs that cause them to look old and dirty. Sometimes mistaken for soot, mold, or mildew, typically

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How to replace a missing shingle

The unfortunate reality of three tab shingles is that sometimes they blow off during high winds, leaving your roof exposed to possible water infiltration. If

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Many shingles were blown off this roof, despite having a higher wind resistance.

Is your roof ready for the next big storm?

Hurricane season is upon us! But what does that mean for your roof, and which storms should you worry about? Obviously, any storm with significant

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We were tearing off a built up roof in Norfolk to replace it with a cold process self adhered modified bitumen system.

How to choose a roofing contractor

How do you choose which roofing contractor to do business with? There are many roofers out there, and they all will tell you they can

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