Sloped Roof Systems

Although asphalt shingles are a very popular roof system for sloped roofs, there are many other types of roof systems made just for sloped roofs. Each system varies in the lifespan, affordability, durability, and ease of installation and repair.

Slate Roofs

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Slate is a long lasting, very durable roof system that has been used on sloped roofs for many years. Each tile overlaps the one below it, allowing water to shed right over. Slate tiles have the advantages of a great look, high wind and fire resistance, and long life. A properly installed and well maintained slate roof can last 100 years. However, slate roofs add a lot of weight to the building, are fragile and can break when walked on, and are difficult to find color matches for.

Wood Shake Roofs

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Wood shakes are made from cedar, redwood, cypress, and pine trees, and are split from logs and processed to certain measurements. Cedar shakes are pressure treated with fire retardant and chemical preservatives to prevent decay. Pine shakes are also pressure treated with chemical preservatives to delay decay.

Metal Roofs

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Metal roof systems are very durable and wind resistant. There are three general categories of metal roofing. The first is architectural metal panels, come in a variety of colors, use standing seams, and rely on the roof slope to drain water off the roof. The second is structural metal panels that are oftentimes used for lower slopes and can be used to span supporting beams. The last are metal shingles or shingle panels, which can be manufactured to look like wood shakes, slate, tile, or multiple shingles.

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