New shingle roof in Suffolk

Shingle Roof Replacement in Suffolk

This house was a little more than just a shingle roof replacement. The sun room in the back had a metal panel roof originally installed,

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residential shingle repair bad wood01

Residential Shingle Roof Repair – Bad Wood

When step flashing is installed incorrectly, or not installed at all such as at this house in Virginia Beach, leaks can occur that can cause

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Residential Shingle Repair – Virginia Beach

On this shingle roof repair in Virginia Beach, an overhanging tree branch caused some damage to the cap shingles before it was cut back. If

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Residential Roof Repair

Most shingle roofs have these types of pipe boots to watertight bathroom and other pipes. Overtime, the rubber can dry rot, animals can eat away

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Shingle Roof Repair

On this shingle roof in Virginia Beach, the original roofer had installed the shingles incorrectly around the combustion vents and plumbing stack vent. This caused

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